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Joan Milman, Artist
Joan Milman
Phone: 480-585-5805
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When presenting Joan's creations, the word "interpreter" immediately comes to mind. It means, "performing according to ones artistic conceptions" and Joan has been an innovative interpretive creator her entire life.
When designing and creating her unique jewelry, her ability to combine an eclectic grouping of unique and mundane objects of interesting materials, textures, shapes and colors so as to redefine them and turn them into something they never thought they could be . . . objects of rare beauty, originality and expressions of joy.
As an accomplished visual artist Joan works within a multiplicity of media including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, pastel and charcoal, once again creating unexpected, exciting, wonderfully intriguing visions.
When a viewer asked Joan what one of her paintings meant, her response was,"it means whatever you want it to mean", thereby clearly defining her objective when creating her works to attract the viewer's eye and stimulate and engage the thought process.
Joan Milman extraordinary artist exciting creator uniquely imaginative and explorer of unlimited possibilities.