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Marg Nelssen
I can be described as a Folk artist, an Outsider artist, or a Recycle Artist. My vision is to see how discarded items may become transformed or recycled; interweaving the old, new, commonplace and/or abandoned materials into my art.
In the 1990's I developed a unique non-traditional mosaic process. My style incorporates dense composition of various metals with international art, aged hardware, spiritual treasures, southwestern icons, and other mixed media components. Baling wire, bullet casings, bones, vintage jewelry, natural gems and stones, cowboy gear, and horseshoes are recycled to create mixed media folk art. Woven into paintings, frames, mirrors, tables, religious objects, and assemblages, my art ingredients take on a sculptural quality with 3-dimensional textures and varied whimsical themes.
Born in Rochester, NY, I always had a passion for art, exploring drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. My artistic quest and appreciation of the Sonoran desert took me to Arizona State University where I earned a Bachelor of Architecture and worked in the field of Architecture for several years.
After moving to our desert home, I prioritized my children's education, cofounding our school district's first Parent Teacher Organization. Years of classroom and District volunteering led me to obtain my Post-Baccalaureate in Education. I then taught art for the Cave Creek Unified School District at the elementary and secondary levels. In 2006, I transitioned into a full time art career so that I could concentrate on throwing my own creative lasso.
You may view my artwork at Adelante in Scottsdale,AZ., and The Santa Fe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Clients are welcomed to contact me at margart@earthlink.net, www.margnelssen.com, or call 480-993-4750.