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Stephanie Newman

I was born and raised in Nebraska and have enjoyed drawing since old enough to use crayons. When in school, art was my first choice of classes. I was a realtor for 8 years, then a real estate appraiser, managing my own business for 20 years. Coming from a rural area and living on a farm, I had many opportunities to experience the countryside in all seasons and was fortunate to observe many animals with their young. I have taken art workshops over the years, when family time allowed, and since retiring in 2009, I have rekindled my love of painting. I have been fortunate to find several well-known local artists to enlighten me along the way.

My husband and I share our time between Arizona and Northern Ireland. The landscape there is a world apart from the foothills of southern Arizona. While in Ireland, I have taken several courses, exhibited and sold my art work.