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mixed media
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Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

- A Photographer's Eye With An Artist's Vision -

Scottsdale artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer has been putting a new spin on her love of photography by creating Alcohol Transfers with Pen and Ink. The mixed media technique she uses is a hybrid between printmaking and photography. The process involves printing an original photograph onto a transparency which is then transferred on to printmaking paper soaked in an alcohol-based solution. Depending upon the concentration of alcohol and the type of printmaking paper, the results vary from the softness of watercolor to the boldness of acrylics. When the transfer is completed, Rothenstein-Putzer enhances the negative space with pen and ink thereby creating dynamic linear and color effects in the artworks.

2021 - Celebrating "10" consecutive years on the "Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour", Rothenstein-Putzer will be returning to the Sylvia Fugmann Brongo Studio, #38 in Cave Creek.