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Eileen Schnog

Eileen Schnog started her art career in 1965 at the Anvil School of Art in Pennsylvania. She worked primarily as a canvas artist. Before making her art as her primary calling, she embarked on a career in medicine. She became a Physician Assistant and practiced Medical Oncology for 35 years and also taught during that time. In 1995 she became interested in metal art. She studied metalsmithing at a college level for 2 years, then subsequently studied under a number of prestigious metalsmiths including the well-known Tim McCreight. She was the first certified PMC instructor in Arizona.
She works primarily with silver, high carat gold, niobium and titanium.

Eileen's jewelry has been shown in a number of Art Shows including the Wendy Rosen Show in Philadelphia and has had pieces of her work in the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

She is currently very fortunate to share a work space with her husband Rene who is a glass artist.