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Elizabeth Sun

Elizabeth Sun was born and lived in Hong Kong until the age of 7 when she and her family moved to Germany. At 17 she moved to New York. Sun graduated from the University of Virginia, with majors in Economics, Russian and Asian Studies. Settling in Connecticut, she embarked on what would become a twenty-year career in the technology field, with a focus on digital media. She advised Fortune 100 firms on how to make the transition from traditional analog media to digital media. In 2005 she moved to Arizona.
Sun did not come into the world with an urge to create, it has opened in recent years. With a life-long interest in design and color, Sun began to research the art of jewelry making. Although she took a few classes, Sun is predominantly self-taught. From basic beading, her work blossomed into the more complex and contemporary style she is known for.
Sun has an abstract aesthetic that is fashion-forward based on the simplicity of Asian design. Her work is often about the relationship of geometric shapes and organic form. Driven by her curiosity of how materials interact and relate with one another, she will often combine disparate pieces. Her assemblages are at once contemporary and organic. She avoids harsh chemicals and focuses on environmentally friendly processes. For Sun, the journey of the process is equally as important as the finished work.
Sun lives a non-conventional life. Her approach to life directly relates to her background of life experiences immersed in numerous cultures with strong Eastern influences of Yoga and Zen philosophy. Her jewelry reflects that from the origami folded pieces to the metal works. Her eclectic background along with her concern for the environment, the earth, and the natural world influences her work.

The Processes:
Origami: The origami earrings are made from small pieces of paper, ranging from one-inch to three-inch paper. A master at origami techniques, each piece is hand folded with care. Once satisfied with the origami, each piece is coated to make them durable and long lasting. It is this attention to detail that makes Sun�s work stand out.
Metalsmithing and wirework: Combining different metals, Sun creates depth and distinction of pattern and texture in her earrings, bracelets and necklaces.� To achieve this, multiple techniques are used, from wire-working to etching and embossing metal.� Sun finishes each piece with a patina.�� The overall finished work is stunning in its simplicity.� Sun works in one-of-a-kind and series.
Leather: In 2015, Sun introduced leather into her work. Through her continuous quest for new materials, she discovered sustainably harvested and dyed leather, fish-skin leathers, and vegan cork. In her hands, leather is elevated to a new dimension. This body of work is consistent with her unconventional approach to jewelry making and reflects her concern for the environment. Once again, her non-traditional approach to the medium creates unique pieces with simple lines and contemporary flair.