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Harmon Studios
Jonathan & Julia Harmon

Jon has done paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic, watercolor and ink. He uses computer modeling to explore forms that are later realized in physical media. He has done sculptures from tiny to medium size, jewelry to fanciful fantasy figures and geometric forms. The larger ones have been done in wood and in bronze, and the "sculptural pendants" in bronze, silver and glass. His work is available for view by appointment. For the future, he plans to continue to explore new techniques and forms, and to extend the library of items in lines of work already accomplished, especially the fantasy bronzes. Those pieces are fun and thought provoking, but also carry an element of metaphor for environmental and social concerns.

Julia has taught jewelry classes throughout the Valley, has her jewelry in the E. L. Blumenschein gift shop in Taos, and is currently working with the new Artisans Creative Exchange, a new group of Valley jewelry makers. She does most of her work in her home studio, sells at Hidden in the Hills and a few other shows, and accepts appointments during other times. She mostly does ancient wirework techniques like chain mail, but most notably Viking chain work. She believes that this life is too short for department store jewelry.

For the past 6 years, we have joined as a team to create jewelry with a different focus. Jon's sculptural pendants hang from Julia's wirework chains. Sometimes gemstones are incorporated into the pendants, and sometimes beads into the chains. We both are currently members of the Sonoran Arts League, and the Artisans Creative Exchange. We both have taught the A.C.E. group various techniques, and enjoy providing playtime' at our studio.

Currently, our shared work is being shown at On The Edge Gallery in downtown Scottsdale. Julia's other wire jewelry and Jon's fine detail Ink and mixed media paintings are also on display there.