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Janice Stiles

Jan has been involved in the arts all her life. Clothing design and cooking were the roots in her childhood. Her mother was an artist of many talents, including floral display, clothing and quilting design as well as jewelry. In college Jan initially majored in clothing and interior design, but moved to the study of architecture, receiving a BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Early in her career, Jan worked for Louis Redstone in Detroit, a regionally well-known architect and artist. Mr. Redstone encouraged Jan?s participation in the arts and she and her husband have been collectors of art for many years. Moving to education in 1993, Jan taught mathematics for 19 years. In 2010, she renewed her interest in the arts by picking up her mother?s jewelry design materials. Since then she has shown her work through Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, Scottsdale?s Canal Convergence, Artisan Markets, Scottsdale Italian Festival, Sunnyslope Art Walk, and the Sonoran Festival of Art and as well as other art venues around Arizona. Her work has been shown at the Jerome Art Gallery, the Gallery at El Pedregal, the Easy Street Galleria, On The Edge Gallery and Watson?s Hat Shop. Jan says of her work, ?I enjoy the colors and feel of raw semi-precious stones as well as pearls. I look for unique items when traveling to include in my pieces as well as unique ways to incorporate jewelry into daily life.? Recently, Jan began to accent her dining room table with ?table jewelry,? which has proven to be very popular. Her custom cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and wine stoppers are fashioned from hand-selected lake rocks and hand cut raw semi-precious stones, which are then hand finished. Her custom hatbands are created from top of the line turquoise, pearls, hematite and lapis. Jan is a member of the Sonoran Arts League and the Artisans Creative Exchange.