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Bob Elenbaas
Robert Elenbaas Photography
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   Web: relenbaasphoto.com
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It has been said that photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. I am primarily a fine art, landscape, and nature photographer. Our natural world amazes me, be it grand vistas or the intimate details one sees only on close inspection.

I include the Japanese kanji "wa" as part of my logo. In common usage, "wa" translates as "harmony" and "peace," as in being in harmony with one?s environment and in a peaceful state of mind. Although I've taken more than my fair share of postcard- or calendar-worthy shots, I strive to go beyond simply documenting nature's beauty, tranquility, or fury.

Through the expressive art form of photography, I seek to communicate aspects of our world people may not normally appreciate, either because of the limitations of human vision or because we just don't take the time to really see what's in front of us. My goal is that my images serve as visual metaphors for the emotions I felt when the shutter clicked.
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My passion for fine art landscape and nature photography developed as an extension of my wilderness backpacking experiences. My treks would take me to unique places whose wonder I was not skilled enough to relate verbally. In this case, a picture truly did tell the story better than a thousand words.

I am a retired emergency medicine clinical pharmacist and Executive Director Emeritus of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), a national professional and scientific society. My wife Julia and I have lived in the Phoenix area since 2011. This allows ready access to many varied and beautiful sites in Arizona, Utah, California, and other western states, whose marvels comprise the bulk of my current portfolio.

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