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Valerie West
Dragonfly Art Studio
  pen & ink

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   Web: valeriewestart.com
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I am a self taught artist. Creativity in some form has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.
I've worked in several forms of artistic expression, sculpting, watercolor, pastels, and acrylics. I currently find my passion leaning toward fluid acrylic painting.
Using acrylic glazing and pouring techniques my paintings have taken on an almost organic feel. These techniques are giving me a much anticipated creative "Spark". A personal release of enthusiasm and creativity I haven't felt in years.
I have only touched the surface of the possibilities this medium has to offer. I look forward to exploring and expressing my visions on canvas and paper for all to enjoy!
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Valerie is a native Phoenician. She currently devides her time between Bainbridge Island, WA. and her winter home in Scottsdale AZ.
Valerie's creative journey began as early as 5th grade when a teacher showcased her charcoal drawings at a parent teacher open house.
She has had extensive exposure in the Art Doll World having been professionally represented at the New York Toy Fair with her fantasy art dolls.
It was thirteen years ago when she and her husband began their "snowbird" journey. The art doll industry was slowing down and Valerie needed a more transportable hobby to fill her creative needs. Beading and jewelry making came first, followed closely by watercolors. To this day she considered watercolor to be a very satisfying and challenging medium.
Valerie's most current passion is working in fluid acrylics. This medium has released Valerie from photo realism and has opened up her mind to somewhat abstract art.
Art is a journey and she is loving the journey so far!

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