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Linda Lindus
  mixed media

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   Web: https:/www.lindalindus.com
Artist Statement

My creativity springs from inspirational surroundings, life experiences and nature's beauty. In traversing the challenges of merging nature with mankind's structural intrusions, I attempt to capture their inherent artistic qualities. While addressing those juxtapositions, I interpret what I see through the lens of varied sequences to create canvases that employ textural layers and bold use of color.

A deep passion for Arizona's diverse landscape, serves as the departure point for much of my art. Although initial inspiration may come from viewing a sunset, cloudy day or rocky surface, I paint from an inward source, interpreting each setting or moment with intense feeling. My imagination calls me to create, to interpret what I see, and paint what I feel.

I apply a similar passion to my work where lifelike is extended to touch the personality or character of a living object, or scene, often in its role in nature. While the rugged landscapes surrender to a brush or palette knife, creatures - flora and fauna are brought to life on canvas. The resultant artworks transform into emotion, evoking a mood beyond the scene itself. I paint beyond what is real by reaching for a deeper connection.
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When Linda first arrived in Arizona in the 1970?s, it was love at first sight - red rocks, texture and rough edges all around. The visual scenery of the Southwest was an immense change from the days of her youth, which began in the Pacific Northwest, the rocky shores of upper New England and congestion of Los Angeles.

She had been painting since a young child, and yet the landscapes she discovered in Arizona became a dream for the artist. Her perception of landscape was challenged, awakening an inspiration and desire to create. The artist tried her hand at capturing the ever-changing light as it moved across the textures. Eager to learn more, Linda continued her art education taking numerous workshops, individual classes and also opened an art shop. Her work was received with awards and Best of Show acknowledgments. Later, the community college recruited her to teach oil painting and share her knowledge with hungry adults.
As a business major and a single parent responsible for her daughters, the corporate life became her full time focus. After a climb up the corporate ladder, the business glamour dulled as her daughters' independence grew. With a new decade she decided it was time to explore her artistic talents. Reigniting her art career with great enthusiasm she is, again, a full time artist active in art associations and mentoring artists on business planning.

She paints with brush and knife, enjoying the knife work and how it mimics the rough textures and boldness of her surroundings. Arizona's magical, brilliant sunsets and Monsoon seasons are her fodder for abstracts and impressionist work as are the cities in which she lived. In order to ground herself she paints critters where she captures their personalities in lieu of a just a pretty face so each painting becomes an emotional investment much like her abstract and impressionist work.

Art movements that have impressed her work over the years include Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism and Representational Abstract. Artists who have formed her work come from a broad cross section of genres such as Modigliani, Picasso, Georgia O?Keefe, and Monet, to name but a few. Her most recent works have been selected for inclusion in juried Arizona exhibits and have been shown at the Shemer Center for the Arts and Museum, Sedona Arts Center, the Gallery at el Pedregal, Small Works Invitational and Artists in Arizona.

Her 2020 Awards include her abstracted Spring Too (flowers,) and International acknowledgments with an honorable mention in Red Abstracts, and as a finalist and international award winner in Skies.

Linda continues to express her perceptions of landscapes and the details each unveils, with each canvas evoking emotional qualities that awaken us all to the magic that is uniquely revealed in paint.

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