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Sharron Porter
Sharron Vincent Porter Studio
  mixed media
  pencil - colored
  fiber art

   6236 E Acoma Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, 85254, USA
   6236 E Acoma Dr
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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   Phone: 6302672422
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?My 3-D relief paintings are built up with foam core layers laminated on stretched canvas, textured with acrylic gel mediums such as pumice gel, often adding natural materials like rocks and twigs. They are microcosms of the natural world - small, personal, abstracted "landscapes" I discover while hiking.

Their bas-relief, rock-like textured surfaces, reflective waters, and secret tucked-in spaces celebrate the tactile, visual phenomenology of Nature, while attempting to evoke the mystery of the unseen??


According to Wikipedia, "Visionary Art" is " that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes..." In my portraiture, as well as my more obviously magical/mystically-themed figurative paintings, I attempt, again, to evoke the hidden underpinnings of my subject matter.
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Sharron Vincent Porter has been a practicing artist and art instructor for most of her adult life. Though her subject matter is diverse, Porter's style is recognizably idiosyncratic and sensual; her compositions are richly colorful, and dynamic. She has a master's degree in sculpture, and her landscape paintings reflect this interest in 3-D space. The substructure of these works is built up in high relief on canvas, then heavily textured with acrylic mediums before painting. She often includes actual rocks, sticks and/or branches in them.

Porter?s other passion is figurative painting. In these works, often described as ?Visionary Art?, her focus is on expressing the personal, intrapersonal, and metaphysical aspects of the human condition. Slightly caricatured, and often in semi-surreal surroundings, the images attempt to provoke questions and insights from her viewers. Symbolism is often present in the colors and images presented, as well. She has written poetry about many of her works, and she invites other poets to do the same - resulting in some wonderfully imaginative interpretations she may have never even thought of!

Sharron is an award-winning signature artist and is included in an anthology written and edited by art critic, Louise Sheldon MacDonald, entitled Sedona's Best Artists. While living in Sedona, she served on the Board of Trustees for the Fine Art Museum of Sedona (formerly the Sedona Art Museum), supporting the building and development of an art museum for the Verde Valley in Sedona; she is a member of the Sedona Arts Center and the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition; she formerly served as President of the Sedona Area Guild of Artists (SAGA), and served on the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Board. Porter has also donated her time being an art mentor for Sedona youths over the years, teaching in local Sedona schools, and volunteering her time to Gardens for Humanity, teaching and helping to organize several fundraisers. Recently, Sharron has moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she plans to continue to develop her visual repertoire and get involved in local arts organizations.

The artist holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education from the University of Illinois, a Master's Degree in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and has taken years of supplementary art and education classes in various disciplines. She has worked in nearly every visual art media in her role as a high school and middle school art instructor. Porter has been a member of galleries, cooperative galleries, and art centers in Chicago, Pennsylvania, Florida, Sedona and Jerome AZ and has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions all around the Chicago, Phoenix and Sedona areas. Exhibitions in Illinois have included venues such as The Chicago Cultural Center, The Art Institute of Chicago, Beacon Street Gallery (Hull House), Northwestern University, ARC Gallery, and assorted community art centers and colleges. Porter has shown locally throughout the Verde Valley, Flagstaff, and the Phoenix area. Until its close in May of 2018, she was a member of Gallery 527 in Jerome, Arizona. She has won many awards over the years, including Best of Shows, People?s Choices, and First Places in Category awards, and was recently juried into a statewide exhibition supporting the Verde River cosponsored by az/HUMANITIES, Friends of the Verde River, and the Smithsonian Institute.

Sharron also does commission work, specializing in local abstracted landscapes, portraiture, and "Harley" portraits.

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