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Anita Ries
Anita Ries Ceramics

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   Web: www.instagram.com/anitaries.ceramics
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My ceramic work express my love of nature, the environment and my passion for creating new glazes. I work with various types of clay, often combining them to create structure, shape, pattern and form using various techniques that include hand-building and the use of the potter's wheel. Through my sculptures, I explore my fascination with the colors of nature, taking inspiration from the Arizona Desert's sky, flora, and fauna. As I create my pieces, I keep in mind the glazes that I want to use at the forefront, rather than seeing glazes as an afterthought to compliment the form and surface. I compulsively work to create new glazes and employ various techniques to glaze my sculptures and wares in order to push the boundaries of both reduction firings and oxidation firings. My current work explores surface treatments with slips from different clays and I seek to achieve the atmospheric effects of high-fire reduction kilns in mid-range oxidation kilns by spraying multiple glazes in layers and using unconventional firing schedules in order to bring out the best interaction between reactive glazes.
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I am a ceramic artist born in Santiago, Chile currently living and working in Gilbert, Arizona. I earned both my Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Psychology from The University of Texas at El Paso, studied ceramics at Maricopa County Community Colleges, and have advanced my ceramic materials studies at Alfred University in New York. My work has been exhibited at the Herberger Museum, sold during exhibits Arizona galleries including West Valley Arts Council HQ, Art Intersection, as well as in Washington state at The Schack Art Center.

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