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Jami Goldman
Imaj Art by Jami, LLC

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My artistic career path started when I moved to Arizona in February 2008. I had always been interested in painting and began taking a class through the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Dept. in March of that year. I continue to enjoy painting and use photos I have taken throughout the years as my inspiration. I have expanded the types and locations of classes I have taken throughout the years to provide additional learning opportunities for me as an artist. In early 2018 I took a fused glass workshop to learn how to make a bead for a necklace. I enjoyed the class, but discovered that bead making was not for me. I did decide to sign up for the six week fused glass class at the studio and I have been creating unique mosaic, string and lined glass plates, trays and hanging art ever since. I continue to paint, and always had wanted to start selling my art and it became a reality starting with my fused glass pieces. I stopped working full-time in April 2019 to focus on creating an art career and business, knowing that I wanted to focus on selling my art at festivals throughout the state. I love spending time being creative, cutting and manipulating glass to create colorful, unique and individual pieces of art. As a new artist it is my hope to continue to be accepted into art festivals and share my creations with others.

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