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Carole Hubiak
Carole Hubiak
  pen & ink
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Painting and drawing allow me to explore my inner world and engage the world around me in my own, very unique way. It challenges me to face and overcome the fears that come with creating and sharing something personal. Employing a variety of media and diverse subject matter allows me to express a sense of drama and intensity, often with a hint of whimsy. It is my fondest hope that the observer can explore each piece, absorb the colors and textures and, hopefully, find a nugget of connection, escape and joy.
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For over 40 years as a Nurse Anesthetist I spent more time in the operating room than outside of it. The tremendous responsibility and intense focus required by my career had me craving color, texture and an escape route for creativity. Throughout the years I studied design, sewed my own clothes and created paper art. However, not until I retired in 2018, did the desire to paint consume me. Emboldened and encouraged by the professional artists? workshops I attended over the past year, I now paint full time, allowing my spirit to shine and express itself.

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