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Joe Ray
  mixed media
  oil pastel

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Sometimes color can be felt and heard, and sometimes you can hear it speak or sing to you.

This is why I like to play with color within my art. Most of my work is created using acrylic paints on paper, canvas, or wood, followed by additional textures.

I work in two major themes and series, the first being Corazones, or Hearts. My second theme are Desert Sirenas.

The hearts I create are filled with passion. But they're also about love, lust, and desire.

Throughout my life, I've been surrounded by heart images and iconography, it's iconic to my culture, from pre-Colombian sacrifices to the Sacred Heart in Catholicism.

I also have a passion for Sirenas (Mermaids). My Sirenas are inspirational muses that live in the Sonoran Desert as well as the ocean. They sing and celebrate while inspiring, tempting and delighting us all. Listen closely and you?ll hear the songs of these Sirenas. Their songs are always on key, and they enjoy wine.

These voluptuous Sirenas are funny, personable, and they'll share their wine. Also, there is a common background that I share with these Sirenas, we're all children of the Sonoran Desert. And the ocean. And we all know that the ocean and the desert are only a thinly veiled reality apart.

Much of my inspiration comes from the desert colors, sounds, sights and people from the U.S./Mexico borderlands and the richness of those textures.

It's an animated and colorful life, and I'm easily inspired and amused.
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Joe is a visual artist as well as a creative director, illustrator, writer and storyteller living in Scottsdale. His work reflects a colorful bi-cultural perspective formed by the Arizona and Mexico regions.

His work has been in a variety of exhibits and publications throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Joe's work evokes color and passion, much of his subject matter includes Corazones (hearts), which are filled with love, lust, passion and emotion. Additionally, Joe's work also features voluptuous Sirenas, as well as Angels. And of course, the occasional masked Luchador.

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