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Kristin Kleyer Mangum
KKartista Artworks
  fiber art
  mixed media

    Scottsdale, AZ

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   Phone: 954-294-4305
Artist Statement

Instinctively tactile and sentimental, with an ongoing fascination with nature & found objects, I can still be found 'rooting around' on the ground, gathering 'precious finds' as I go.

Places explored, the people encountered, the beauty of precious finds & the purity of raw, natural materials all play a part in the artworks I create.

From the many contributing facets of my life & travels abroad - from gathering materials with vivid colors and textures, and immersing myself in the local people & culture - my project planning comes together. With my plan in mind, the hands-on creating begins.

Creating my mixed media sculptures feeds my love for working with many different art mediums & allows me to use the different techniques I have learned & taught over the years.

All of the materials I use add, compliment & speak to each other, creating one unified, beautiful creation - growing together - making a statement together.

My process takes weeks-to-months to create a single sculpture.

Staying pure with my materials is important in creating my art -
staying true to oneself, to nature, to the countries I have collected & been inspired in -
resulting in the organic growth that shines through in each finished piece.


My fiber sculptures feature a woven coil technique, historically used to weave vessels.
I use pure wool & cotton - raw / refined, scratchy / smooth, no synthetics - collected around the globe.

My clay structures I hand build out of stoneware & fire. Each is then painted with a unique glaze combination, mixed & varied, creating a one of a kind result when fired again.

The wood structures, I build out of solid wood - cutting, hammering, nailing & sanding.

I use different types of paint, graphite, charcoal, inks & other 2-D art materials to give character to the structures that I build, giving them depth, in preparation for the fiber to be added.

Metal additions are metal-smithed sheets & wires that I cut, heat, hammer, drill, file, stamp, connect & polish, to best contrast with the soft to scratchy wools that will accompany it.

Then there are the found objects that I just could not pass up as I wander, which are incorporated into my sculptures, woven in, set with clay, wood or metal, like a gem set into jewelry.

  Member Profile:

Kristin Kleyer Mangum is a Fiber Mixed Media Artist, with her home & studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kristin creates her artworks with hand selected pure materials from all over the world, collected while extensively traveling, living & studying internationally.

Throughout her formal art education & career as an art educator & artist she has acquired the traditional techniques & mediums that she unifies into her unique mixed media sculptures.

Creating with fibers, ceramics, woods, metals or upcycling gathered materials, she emphasizes the natural beauty in each. When brought together, they grow into a powerful piece of art.

Her sculptures are natural, earthy, organic forms, meant to flow & easily be sat or hung in any shape or designed space. Each piece stands strong alone or beautifully unites with others.

Kristin’s work evokes the senses, expresses the evolution of her life experiences & a love of nature. Helping one to connect back, make a statement & display a piece of the world with art made to be felt.


KKArtista Artworks are owned & displayed throughout the USA and Europe.
Artworks have been featured in solo, group & juried gallery exhibitions.

MFA - Studio Art Centers International - Florence, Italy & Fontbonne University
MA - Fontbonne University - St. Louis, Missouri
Teaching Certification - K-12 Visual Fine Arts Education - McKendree University
BFA - McKendree University - Lebanon, Illinois
Visual Arts Teacher with multiple K-12 state certifications.
Experienced teaching K-12 through adult 3-Dimensional & 2-Dimensional art.

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