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Kristin Kleyer Mangum
KKartista Artworks
  fiber art
  mixed media

    Scottsdale, AZ

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   Phone: 954-294-4305
Artist Statement

Instinctively tactile and sentimental, with an ongoing fascination with nature & found objects, I can still be found 'rooting around' on the ground, gathering 'precious finds' as I go.

Places explored, the people encountered, the beauty of precious finds & the purity of raw, natural materials all play a part in the artworks I create.

From the many contributing facets of my life & travels abroad - from gathering materials with vivid colors and textures, and immersing myself in the local people & culture - my project planning comes together. With my plan in mind, the hands-on creating begins.

Creating my mixed media sculptures feeds my love for working with many different art mediums & allows me to use the different techniques I have learned & taught over the years.

All of the materials I use add, compliment & speak to each other, creating one unified, beautiful creation - growing together - making a statement together.

My process takes weeks-to-months to create a single sculpture.

Staying pure with my materials is important in creating my art -
staying true to oneself, to nature, to the countries I have collected & been inspired in -
resulting in the organic growth that shines through in each finished piece.


My fiber sculptures feature a woven coil technique, historically used to weave vessels.
I use pure wool & cotton - raw / refined, scratchy / smooth, no synthetics - collected around the globe.

My clay structures I hand build out of stoneware & fire. Each is then painted with a unique glaze combination, mixed & varied, creating a one of a kind result when fired again.

The wood structures, I build out of solid wood - cutting, hammering, nailing & sanding.

I use different types of paint, graphite, charcoal, inks & other 2-D art materials to give character to the structures that I build, giving them depth, in preparation for the fiber to be added.

Metal additions are metal-smithed sheets & wires that I cut, heat, hammer, drill, file, stamp, connect & polish, to best contrast with the soft to scratchy wools that will accompany it.

Then there are the found objects that I just could not pass up as I wander, which are incorporated into my sculptures, woven in, set with clay, wood or metal, like a gem set into jewelry.

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Kristin Kleyer Mangum Bio

An American Artist with a Midwestern foundation, instinctively tactile & sentimental, with a deep appreciation for the natural beauty around her, Kristin creates her Sculptural Fibers.

As a professional artist & educator, she has always enjoyed helping others grow through art.  
Her art & desire to experience the beauty around her has driven her to create in over
100 countries, on all 7 continents.

Showing that art & life is all about growth - Kristin gathers natural materials from around the globe, creating sculptures that grow into strong, natural earthy, organic forms.
She takes memories & experiences, making a statement through her art -
allowing you to reflect & display -
A Piece of You - A Piece of The World.


KKArtista Artworks are owned & displayed throughout the USA and Europe.
Artworks have been featured in solo, group & juried gallery exhibitions.

MFA - Studio Art Centers International - Florence, Italy & Fontbonne University
MA - Fontbonne University - St. Louis, Missouri
Teaching Certification - K-12 Visual Fine Arts Education - McKendree University
BFA - McKendree University - Lebanon, Illinois
Visual Arts Teacher with multiple K-12 state certifications.
Experienced teaching K-12 through adult 3-Dimensional & 2-Dimensional art.

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