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The ability to enjoy art relates directly to how one receives and interprets information. For Kelli Berry, it's all about the color. As she places brush to canvas and the colors converge, the experience creates a rush of joy and delight that keeps her coming back time and again.

Some people want art to be a literal representation of the subject; and while that can be amazingly beautiful, Ms. Berry paints for the pure emotion color brings to her life. The literal interpretation is not as important.

She enjoys the intrigue of allowing one's imagination to fill in the perceived missing parts of a painting. Abstract, impressionist and collage styles rule the day for her. She paints with a furious energy utilizing fast, bold use of the brush or pallet knife. A combination of salt, rubbing alcohol, bubble wrap, or even the use of her hands can create some very cool effects. Texture, shape, light and color with added materials such as paper, string, buttons, bobbins, complete several of her better knows collages?

She remains on a quest to use inventive materials and techniques to satisfy her texture addiction.

She is a huge fan of painting the American Flag and The Statue of Liberty. Her recent exhibit at Chabot Fine Art Gallery in Providence RI, earned her a featured article in the ?Artscope Magazine July/August 2012?, a prestigious New England Art magazine.

Trained as a watercolorist while attending Mississippi University for Women, in Columbus , MS, while obtaining her degree in Interior Design, she also studied various art disciplines and mediums, such as acrylic, pottery, textile arts and sculpting.

Most recently, Ms. Berry has begun the study of oil painting to learn how to capture light under the talented wing of  Mike Little, Jerry Salinas and Derek Penix , of Scottsdale Artists School. 

Her education continues with studies at Millsaps College taking advanced courses, under the tutelage of Wyatt Waters, a well known watercolorist in the South. She has also studied at Scottsdale Community College.  Private instruction from Joann Matthews and Kim Johnson, both juried award winning watercolorist from Arizona. Her journey continues.

Her work has sold from $200.00 to $11,000.00.  She paints for the love of color. She is known for pieces which emote happiness and home and the American Flag. 

Ms. Berry is  currently working on a January 2022 gallery show for C Gallery, located at D.C. Ranch in North Scottsdale. She is also represented by Fondren Art Gallery, Jackson, MS.   She has exhibited with Chabot Fine Art Gallery in Providence, RI. Ms. Berry has also been featured in exhibits at The Bluestone Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, C. Carstens Fine Art Studio and Gallery,  Scottsdale, AZ. , and was featured with other Mississippi Artists, in  Stages Mississippi Magazine May/June Edition 2013.  Her work can also be found on
?It's All About the Color!??
Kelli Berry

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