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Michele Corsini
Michele Corsini Studios

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   Web: www.michelecorsini.com
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We have so many chances in life to be so many different people. The urge to create, and the satisfaction that comes from doing so, is an innate impulse that brings the most joy!
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I love to create. To draw, paint, work with my hands. I am a doer.

I was born in London, England and ran away to art college in 1983, receiving a BA Fine Arts Degree in Painting from St Martin's School of Art, London in 1987.

I was studying traditional mosaic techniques, having won a "Livewire" award from the British Government for my mosaic business, when I ran away again. This time to Phoenix, Arizona. What was this land? I was enthralled by the harsh beauty of the desert landscape. The beauty of decay. It was during this time I produced large scaled composite paintings. I was also producing mixed media sculptural pieces as well.

Personally, I was discovering the landscape through hiking, backpacking and mountain biking and an appreciation for the uniqueness of this area was formed. With my husband I was introduced to sustainable living systems and so in 1997 we started construction of our straw bale home. Being in this realm of home building I was inspired to turn my skills towards finishing techniques and from 1995 to 2000 I had a very successful faux finishing business. I was able to indulge in some elaborate projects, including byzantine mosaic murals, large scale commissioned oils and sophisticated wall finishes. Good times.

So once you build a home you tend to fill it. In 1998 my first son was born and I scaled back my business. I have three children now and over these years I have been chief artist-in-residence at their schools, hopefully passing on some of my passion.

So here we are now.

Since 2011 I have been working on small plein air pieces. The discipline suited my time constraints. I love the immediacy of the format and over this time period I homed my skills.

In 2015 I really rediscovered life drawing and have upped my game by moving from charcoal to coloured conte and pastels. It's hard to believe I really haven't worked with the soft pastels before as they are very painterly and layer like oils! I also moved indoors to my studio , producing larger pieces and returning to some old themes: playing with "abstract realism", for want of a better term, in my giant agave series.

I have always been interested in trying different media and so in 2019 I took to printmaking, having indulged in this medium since 2008. I always call myself a painter but in reality I love to move around and go where my fancy takes me.

Thank you for being a part of my audience!

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