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Patricia Isaacson
Pat's Glass Studio
  el Pedregal

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   Web: www.patsglassstudio.com
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?I have a love affair with glass. It began when I first started collecting, and intensified when I began making glass art. When I?m working on a piece I?m in a world alone with it and I can spend hours playing with different techniques, colors and textures before deciding on the final look. Once done, it becomes an affair between me and the kiln. So much of the final piece depends on what happens in the kiln. Every time I open the lid there is a surprise waiting for me. The latest piece is usually my favorite - until I make the next one.?

I enjoy selecting the color schemes and combinations for my glass pieces, and strive to create patterns and shapes that please my eye based on years of experience in making and appreciating art, and influenced by my love of architecture and mathematics.
As the glass succumbs to the force of being fired at 1200 to1600 degrees, my control of the piece ends and gives way to the force of my kiln. In that way, the kiln becomes an extension of my art, and together we forge a creative alliance.
As the glass is fired, the cut strips and pre-planned patterns become liberated from their role as color on a form and are elevated to glass art. This element of spontaneity becomes an essential part of my art and anticipating the final result is futile. And yet, it is this entire process that I love and enjoy so much. Opening my kiln to a new piece becomes the highlight of my day.
Once a work is completely finished, I am able to title it based on its final expressive outcome. Through the prism of Southwest sunlight, colors coalesce, form dissipates and I can then truly see and feel what I have created in this strange and wonderful medium of kiln-formed glass. Through this process, the finished artwork speaks to me and its title is revealed.
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"The impressions of my former life, a B.A. in Mathematics and career as computer professional, influence the use of patterns and weaving found in my glass art."

Upon retiring from a career as an IT professional for large corporations, and founding her own computer consulting company, Pat commenced on a journey of glassmaking.

This impulse to create was influenced through her many years of collecting art with a particular penchant for glass art. Glass art inspired her imagination and she was mesmerized by the endless possibilities of viewing the same piece of glass in different lighting. These fractals of light, realized through this fragile medium, provided the foundation for her instinct to take up this challenging art form.

After taking several courses and investing the time needed to perfect her techniques, Pat opened her own studio, furnished with a kiln, so that she could create and experiment at will. This freedom to make art on her own schedule, has allowed the artist to expand her knowledge and skills, and ultimately create her own unique style of kiln-formed glass.

Pat remains dedicated to continuous learning and is constantly expanding her art vocabulary. The artist regularly attends workshops, quickly mastering new techniques and interpreting this knowledge to create unique tapestries, bowls, wall pieces and more, in an endeavor to find new possibilities and create unexpected results.

Pat?s glass artworks have been included in numerous galleries and museums in Arizona including, the Shemer Art Center, Arizona Art Alliance at the Holland Center of Art and the WHAM Gallery in Surprise, and two exhibits at the Phoenix Airport Museum, to name but a few. She is a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League since 2014, regularly exhibiting at the Gallery at El Pedregal. Her glass creations brighten up the homes of her many collectors across the country.

Always the teacher, Pat generously shares her knowledge and skill offering workshops for those seeking to learn the fine art of glassmaking.

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