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Linda Budge
Linda Budge Studio

   8712 E Eastwood Dr.
    Carefree , AZ 85377
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   Phone: 480-595-9985
Artist Statement

Artist Statement: Linda Budge

Linda Budge is an artist and an animal lover who combines her passions for art and living creatures to produce paintings that radiate empathy and painterly grace. Her extensive knowledge of animals and deep experience interacting with them explains her uncanny ability to capture her subjects so accurately; and also helps to explain why her work carries such emotional power.

Linda�s chosen medium is oil paint and the animals that appear most in her pieces are dogs, burros and various birds; and the wildlife common to the western U.S., like cottontail rabbits, desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, and the desert gray wolf. (Now based in central Arizona, she�s originally from Utah and lived in Wyoming and Colorado for a number of years.)

Inspired by her lifelong fascination with animals and immediate access to a swath of picturesque terrain�the kaleidoscopic Sonoran Desert�Linda is often in compositional mode, taking to the wild with her paints and palette and portable easel. Wildlife, like pets and other domesticated animals present random opportunities for paintings. For every piece, though, there are definite conditions that must be met.

�I love being pulled into a painting that has a story, perhaps a mystery,� says Linda. �Above all, the drama or the play of light, the way it flows from one object to another, is what draws me deeper into a composition. That�s how a subject announces itself to me, and in turn I want that painting to capture the viewer�s rapt attention.�

Every animal depicted in Linda�s paintings is an individual creature, with a distinctive personality, conveyed through its attitude, expression, and habitat.

�I try to pull the essence from an animal and put it on canvass,� says Linda. When I choose an animal, I want to paint, I study it as closely as I can�its features, its habits, its environment�and focus on the qualities it has that really stand out.�

Linda�s ability to depict the nuances of animals so precisely is no accident. Her love of animals and intuitive relationship with them allows her to forge an emotional connection with her subjects, which comes across clearly in the painting. Also, she has a broad practical and academic experience with animals, including a stint handling show dogs professionally, some courses in anatomy, and wide exposure to the minutiae of animals in their natural habitat.

Linda has won numerous awards for her work, and pieces of hers can be found in the permanent collections of several libraries, museums, and corporations. One of her highest honors was a painting commissioned in 1983 by the State of Wyoming as a gift to President Reagan, with Linda herself presenting it to the President. The painting, of an antelope hung for many years in the living room of the President�s California residence, and was then moved to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley where it remains to this day.

Linda Budge has spent a lifetime honing her skills as a painter and cultivating her love for animals. Every new picture and every interaction with another four-legged friend has enhanced her knowledge of these creatures and her ability to portray them; and has provided those fortunate enough to have seen her work a unique, even revelatory glimpse into the animal kingdom.

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Linda's subjects usually have four legs, a variety of ears, noses and tails. Sometimes, they may be found creeping thru a desert wash, peering at you from behind a mesquite tree or simply found in some one's back yard. In her work, Linda Budge will capture their look, their attitude and their expression.

Her traditional style of painting is perfectly matched to her love of animals. Their portraits are created in oil, a medium Linda has chosen because of its richness in color and texture.

Drawing upon her training as a classical artist, Linda Budge captures their attitude and expression with brushwork that is both accurate and painterly. She is not photo realistic, but rather depends upon the flow of light and expression to convey her passion for animal portraiture.

She says, "Now living in Cave Creek, Az., I am entranced with the imagery of the Sonoran Desert with it's complexity of shape, variety in texture and kaleidoscope of color."

Linda offers a unique look into the world of animal artistry. Each piece is a collaboration of her vast knowledge and background of animals coupled with her classic traditional style of painting that is both unique and original.


Throughout the years, Linda's brushwork has flowed across paintings, magazine covers, greeting cards and limited edition prints portraying those unique moments and glimpses into the animal world that captivate people's hearts.

Born in Salt Lake City, Ut., Linda Budge won a poster contest when she was 12 years old, and her determination to become an artist was set at an early age.

Linda will go on to have a painting in the private sector of the Ronald Reagan Library placed there by the President himself.

She will have a painting in the lobby of the new administration building for the Guide Dog Foundation in New York, commissioned for their 50th anniversary.

She will have designed and painted the First Conservation Stamp for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.

The Colorado Regional Chapter of Ducks Unlimited will have commissioned Linda over several years to create "puppy" images for their North Prairie & Rocky Mountain limited edition prints.

Linda will be "Artist of the Year" for Oklahoma Duck's Unlimited.

The Labrador Retriever Club will have commissioned Linda to paint an image for their annual poster.

Thru the years, her paintings will have been seen on numerous magazine covers including the Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, The Elk Foundation Magazine, Images, The Clumber Spaniel Club of America, The Golden Retriever Revue and the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association.

Her oil painting entitled "Waiting" , a Labrador retriever is in the permanent collection of the American Kennel Club Dog Museum in St. Louis, Mo.

Throughout her career, she has created cards for Leaning Tree, puzzles for Serendipity and giclees for Hadley House.

Hamilton commissioned Linda to do a series of 6 collector plates called the "Golden Discovery" , all golden retriever puppies.

Articles written about her life and career have been published by Prints magazine, Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, Sirius, a publication of the American Kennel Club Dog Museum, The Golden Retriever Review and Dogs in Review, Annual. She is included in " A Breed Apart," by William Secord and "Contemporary Western Artists" by Samuels.

Linda's originals hang in museums, libraries and corporate collections.

Best in Show
Art Show, Casper, Wyoming
Western Heritage, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Art Show at a Dog Show, Wichita, Kansas
Oklahoma Wildlife Art Festival, Oklahoma City, Ok

Professional Organizations
Past president Laramie Art Guild
Signature member Society of Animal Artist
Signature member Artist's for Conservation
Sonoran Arts League, juried member

University of Utah
Utah State University
University of Wyoming

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