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Jenifer Oberle
Jeni's Mudpie Studio

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   Phone: 623-271-4881
   Email: roberle@centurylink.net
   Web: www.jenismudpiestudio.com
Artist Statement

I love working in clay. I get to form my own canvas that I will manipulate into whatever shape I choose for each finished piece of art. Sometimes I will hand build them by using forms and supports. Often I prefer to throw on the potter's wheel possibly combining that piece with something that I have made while hand building. My favorite part of this is then adding texture or carving through the clay to add dimension. Adding color to my work can be challenging because I am always open to trying new glaze combinations. The results can be unpredictable but always a learning experience. I document each result so I can refer back to them to repeat the successes.
My inspiration usually comes from my environment, my experiences, and my vivid imagination.
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Having parents who shared a deep appreciation for the arts, it seemed only natural for Jeni to develop a keen interest at an early age. Employing the Jon Gnagy " Learn to Draw Kit" as her primer, she was encouraged to explore and develop her artistic talents. Through private lessons with a noted local artist in her hometown, she soon came to the conclusion that she was happiest when holding chalk, charcoal, crayons, or a paintbrush.
In selecting a college, Jeni trusted her instincts and enrolled at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio majoring in Art Education. It was during this time that she was able to experience wider subject matter and be exposed to all art mediums. At this time, working in metals and jewelry were the cornerstones of her background. Upon graduation with a Bachelors Degree in Art Education, she accepted her first teaching assignment. As a teacher, your primary responsibility is to teach; leaving limited time to develop your own skill set. Throughout a 30 year career in teaching art to kindergarten - high school age students, Jeni knew there would be time, albeit later, that she could return her focus to the area where she felt the strongest attachment.
In retirement, Jeni was fortunate to move to a community with a complete pottery studio. In developing her skills thru classes and endless hours of experimentation, the dormant skills that had been shelved teaching and being mom for her family resurfaced. Teaching in the studio became a sharing process with others while taking advanced classes further enhanced her abilities. Finally, moving to her own studio has allowed Jeni the freedom to grow as an artist and incorporate her life experiences into creative expression.
It's been her good fortune to create specific pieces for individuals to display in their homes. These commissions are as varied as a 12 plate wall set with a 3 panel tryptic to a 10 piece garden totem based on a train engineers theme. All of the specific requests are one of a kind representations that incorporate her love of texture and color. Should you have any questions feel free to ask.

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