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Wish List

Annual Fund
Contributions help shape the future by boosting the Sonoran Arts League's ability to excite, engage and educate our community and visitors by offering innovation, opportunity and achievement in programs that encourage growth through the arts.
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Scholarship Fund
Since 2003, the Sonoran Arts League has recognized the artistic abilities of young artists and awarded scholarships to graduating seniors from local high schools pursuing studies in the arts.
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Veteran Art Program
The FREE Veteran Art Program bridges the United States Armed Forces and the arts communities by bringing the arts and art education to veterans and military free of charge.
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Youth Art
Youth Art The Sonoran Arts League is committed to advancing art and art education, with a special focus on mentoring youth with the belief that arts training helps develop the abilities to focus and strengthens cognitive skills in young people.
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Previous Wish List Donors

Veteran Art Program

  • John Crane - 04/21/2020
    1 donated for $250.00

Youth Art

  • Padraic Murphy - 03/11/2020
    1 donated for $50.00
  • Judy Carr - 01/24/2020
    1 donated for $10.00
  • Moriah Arnold - 12/22/2019
    1 donated for $50.00

Annual Fund

  • Lucy Dickens - 10/20/2020
    1 donated for $1000.00
  • Linda Korstad - 01/09/2020
    1 donated for $10.00
  • Patricia Isaacson - 12/19/2019
    1 donated for $500.00

Previous Monetary Donations

  • Marissa Cole - 08/05/2020
    $35.00 donation
  • Lucy Dickens - 07/03/2020
    $300.00 donation
  • Jan Oxendale - 06/22/2020
    $30.00 donation
  • BB - 05/20/2019
    $1.00 donation